5 Things To Know About A Portable Bathroom Rental

If the restroom in your business is not working properly or are being remodeled, you will have to provide your guests with a place to use the restroom until your bathroom can be fixed. A portable bathroom is a great option to consider. The following guide walks you through a few things that you need to know about renting a portable bathroom.

The Bathrooms Can Be Spacious

Portable bathroom can have multiple stalls in them so that numerous people can use the restroom at one time. There are even bathrooms that have sinks in them so that people can wash their hands before leaving the facility.

The Bathroom Needs a Water Supply

All portable bathrooms will need a water supply to tap into, unless you are willing to rent a portable water supply as well. When the toilets are flushed, the contents go into a holding tank that is taken with the restroom when they are taken from the location. This allows you to have the portable restroom on site without connecting them to any sewage lines.

The Bathroom Needs an Electrical Supply

The portable restroom needs some sort of electrical supply to create power for the lights in the facility. You can choose to hook the restroom up to a generator or to a building nearby to provide the power that is needed. If you choose to use a generator, be sure to check the gas in the generator to ensure that it is does not run out. This will keep the lights from going out when someone is using the restroom.

You Are Responsible for Keeping the Bathroom Neat

When you rent a restroom, you are responsible for keeping the restroom neat and tidy until it is hauled away. The rental company will not send its employees into the restroom on a regular basis to sweep up toilet paper from the floors or empty the trash cans. You will be responsible for the light cleaning in the restroom while you are renting it.

You Are Responsible for Stocking the Bathroom

The rental company does not stock the restroom after they are dropped off to your company. You will need to replace toilet paper, soap, and paper towels when they are empty to ensure that everyone can use the restroom in comfort.

Be sure to book the portable bathroom as soon as you can. You need to be sure that the bathroom is in place and ready to use before you even open for business to ensure that your potential customers will have a place to use the restroom when they come to your establishment. Visit RCS Inc if you're looking to rent a portable toilet.