3 Tips For Building A Playground In A Yard That Has A Septic Tank

If you have a small yard and a septic system, you may not think you have very much usable space because most of your yard is harboring some part of your septic system. This can be problematic if you have young kids and you want to build a playground for them. The presence of a septic system does not mean that you can't have places for your kids to play in the yard; you just have to be careful when you design and build a play area. Following are three tips for building a playground in a yard that has a septic system.  

Look for Safety Hazards

Septic tanks are usually very safe for children to play around. However, there have been some cases of children falling into septic tanks due to a missing or broken cap. Caps can also be a tripping hazard for young children. For these reasons, you should inspect your entire property, looking for sink holes, broken lids and raised areas that your children might trip over. If you find any issues, have them fixed immediately as they pose a danger to your children and to wildlife. For uneven areas or areas where your system lies above the ground, design your play area away from them.  

Layout Is Key

You can place all sorts of light things, such as a sand box, a small aluminum swingset or a plastic playhouse on top of your septic system. However, you can't place heavy items, like a deck or wooden play set on top of your system. You also cannot plant trees on or close to your system. And while it's safe for your children to play in the drain field, it may be damp there. Layout is vital for all of these reasons. Be sure to place the heavy items of your play area away from the septic tank while using "septic space" for lighter items. 

Inspect Playground Regularly

While you're building a play area for your children, be sure to inspect the area and study your designs for potential problems. After you finish construction, continue to inspect the playground regularly, looking for any potential hazards and fixing them. 

You can build a playground in an any yard that is dominated by a septic system. You just have to be more careful about safety and the placement of certain items. If you have any questions about the layout of your septic system, you can obtain a map through your local Department of Health or talk to a septic company like AAA Cesspool & Rooter Service.