Problems That Indicate An Issue With Your Septic System

As a property owner, it is crucial that you are well aware of the problems that may indicate an issue with the septic system. By reviewing the following signs of septic trouble, you will be able to determine when it is time to call for professional septic services.

There Is A Stench Of Rotten Eggs 

If you are starting to find that the inside of the building, or even around the perimeter of it, smells like rotten eggs, you will want to call for immediate assistance from a skilled septic professional. The reason for the urgency is due to the fact that the smell of rotten eggs can in fact be the result of methane gas. This is a toxic gas and you do not want to inhale a lot of it because of the health problems that can result from it.

You Notice A Gurgling Sound Coming From Your Drains

You should not be able to hear a lot of strange noises when you send water down the drains, even if you are sending a lot of water down at once. Therefore, if you are hearing gurgling sounds after the water goes down the drain, you could have a significant clog in the drain pipe on your hands. However, if this sound is only happening with one drain in the building, then the problem may be restricted to that one drain. If the noise is happening in all of the drains, then the clog is either in the opening between the drain line and the septic tank or it is somewhere along the drain line itself.

The Grass In Greener Above The Tank

If you have noticed that the grass above the underground septic tank is greener, more plush, and possibly growing at a faster speed than the rest of the grass on the property, you may have a serious problem on your hands. You will need to quickly schedule a septic systems specialist to evaluate the problem so it can be properly corrected as soon as possible. It could just be that the tank is too full and the excess waste water is leeching into the soil. However, there could be a problem with the walls of the septic tank. It they cracked or collapsed, the tank will need to be replaced in order to stop the leaking of septic waste and water from entering your soil.

With those three problems in mind, you should have little issue deciding whether you need to call a septic services specialist.