4 Tips For A Healthy Septic System

While a septic system can be a little bit tricky to care for, if you maintain it properly it should provide waste management for your household for many years. But there are several things that can compromise your septic system and lead to costly repairs and a disgusting mess. Use the following tips to keep your septic system healthy:

Schedule Regular Inspections

One of the simplest ways to keep your septic system in good repair is by scheduling regular inspections. During an inspection, a septic services technician will examine all components of the septic system to ensure that everything is working properly and that nothing needs to be repaired. During an inspection, the waste level in the septic tank will be checked and you will need to have your tank pumped if it is getting full.

Watch What Goes Down the Drain

When you have a home with a septic system, it is important to watch what goes down the drain and what is flushed down the toilet. There are several things that don't degrade properly and can also clog pipes, which can lead to big problems for a septic system. Never flush feminine hygiene products, paper towels, baby wipes, condoms, or cotton swabs down the toilet. In the kitchen, avoid letting cooking oils or fats go down the drain. It is also important to avoid pouring strong chemicals, such as pesticides, floor or sink cleaners, paint, solvents, and paint thinners down the drain; these things can kill off the good bacteria in your septic tank and disrupt the breakdown of waste.

Be Mindful of Landscaping

As a homeowner with a septic system, it is important to know where the tank and drain field are located on your property. When landscaping, do not plant trees or large shrubs in the vicinity of the tank or drain field, since the roots can cause damage and keep your septic system from working properly. The only thing that should be planted around the components of a septic system is grass.

Monitor the Area Around the Tank and Drain Field

In addition to landscaping carefully, it is essential to monitor the area around your septic tank and drain field. If you notice pooling water, mud, or bad smells coming from the ground, it most likely means that there is a problem and your septic system is in need of repair. Don't ignore these small problems--the quicker you have the septic system fixed, the less likely it is to fail. 

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