The Basics To How Video Pipe Inspections Work

If you have a backed up plumbing or sewer system, your plumbing contractor may suggest a video inspection of your plumbing lines. Here is a quick overview of the basics behind how a video pipe inspection works and why it is beneficial. 

How Plumbing Video Inspection Works

The basics to how video plumbing inspections work is actually pretty simple. Your plumber will have a small video camera that will be attached to the end of a very long fiber optic cable. The video camera is very tiny, and is able to fit through most plumbing pipe systems. 

Your plumber will then feed the fiber optic cable with the small video camera through your pipe system. As your plumber feeds the camera, they will monitor a video screen as the camera progresses through your pipes, allowing your plumber to analyze the results in real-time. 

When they are done with the inspection, they will pull the fiber optic cable out of your pipes. This should not cause any damage to your plumbing system. 

The Benefits Of A Plumbing Video Inspection

Plumbing video inspections take a lot of the guess work out of plumbing and allows plumbers to more accurately diagnose what is happening with your plumbing system. 

For example, while looking at your pipes through the video feed, your plumber will be ale to see where the issue is within your system, where exactly the issue is located and what is causing it. Then, your plumber will be able to go to that exact location and fix your pipe. They will not have to troubleshoot or try multiple approaches to find the root of the problem with your pipes.

Overall, this will make your plumber's job more precise and will reduce the overall time that they have to spend finding the problem. This will help reduce the overall cost of your bill as your plumber will be able to work more precisely. 

Long-Term Benefits Of A Plumbing Video Inspection

When you have your pipes inspected, you will experience some long-term benefits as well. Generally, when you have a plumbing video inspection done of your system, a video is created. You are able to keep a copy of your video. This will help establish a base-line as to the condition of your pipes. This video will allow you to identify the overall condition of your plumbing system and keep in mind when it may need to be updated.

Having video history of your plumbing lines can also come in handy if you have future plumbing problems. Your previous video records can help your plumber see how the state of your plumbing lines have changed over time, allowing them to make more accurate fixes and diagnoses on what is causing your plumbing issues in the first place.

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