4 Tips To Help Deal With Old Septic Tanks And Problems That They Develop With Age

If you have an older septic tank installed for your home, it is likely that it is made of concrete, which can lead to problems. The tank may not be designed for modern waste treatment needs and can degrade as it ages. This means that there may be repairs and upgrades that need to be done to avoid failures and costly repairs. Here are some tips to help you deal with old septic tanks that develop problems as they age.

1. Dealing with An Old and Undersized Septic Tank

Sometimes, old tanks may be undersized for the waste treatment needs of modern households. There are several ways to deal with an undersized tank, such as installing a secondary treatment tank or adding a pump tank for the drain field distribution. Other plumbing improvements like recycling grey water from appliances could help to reduce strain on an old and undersized septic tank.

2. Problems That You Face as Old Concrete Begins to Degrade

Over time, the old concrete that your septic tank is made from may begin to degrade. This is something that may start inside the tank and go unnoticed until you have real problems. Inside a concrete septic tank, there are dividers call baffles that can degrade and reduce the efficiency of the system. Degrading concrete can also be more vulnerable to cracks and other damage from wear that can lead to failure and costly repairs.

3. Repairing Damage to Old Septic Tanks to Prevent Failure and Costly Replacements

When the wear of old concrete causes damage, you will want to do repairs to prevent failure and costly repairs. Sometimes, the problems may only require simple repairs to cracks in concrete or damage to baffles or the access lids to the tank. It is important to have these repairs done as part of routine maintenance when you have the tank pumped.

4. Upgrades to Bring Old Concrete Tanks Up to Date with Modern Waste Treatment Standards

When repairs and maintenance to an old concrete septic tank become too costly, you may want to consider upgrades. One option is to have a synthetic liner installed inside the tank, which will help reduce degrading of materials inside the tank. There are also options to improve the distribution with the addition of pumps and secondary tanks to improve the waste treatment process of the septic system and reduce the chances of failure that lead to costly repairs.

These are some tips to help you deal with old septic tanks that can develop problems as they age. If you need help with repairs and upgrades to an old septic system, contact a septic tank repair service to help ensure small problems do not lead to costly repairs.