How To Choose The Right Portable Restrooms For Your Office Event

If your office is hosting a day-long outdoor event, don't forget to think about the availability of restrooms. If your event is at a park, there may be restroom facilities available, but if it is on private property or in a remote area, then you'll need to rent portable restrooms. Here are some tips for deciding on the type of restrooms you may want to rent.

If You Just Want The Basics

If all that matters is that those attending have a place to use the restroom, then a basic portable toilet would suffice. These are small restroom units that have no running water and the waste is held in a tank until it's emptied. Hand sanitizer is provided in place of water so the attendees can clean their hands. The toilet rental company supplies the hand sanitizer and toilet paper, so the only thing you have to do is decide on an appropriate place for the company to park the toilet. You'll want a place on stable, flat ground, and you may want the toilets away from food areas in a location that has a little privacy.

If You Need A Roomier Toilet

If some of your guests may need to change clothes during the event, you may want to rent a larger portable toilet or a toilet trailer. These have more room to move around so people can change clothes inside them. An ADA-compliant unit could be an ideal choice. This way, you'll have a toilet available if someone in a wheelchair needs it, and you'll have a spacious restroom when someone needs it to change clothes. A restroom trailer also provides plenty of space. These also provide a more comfortable experience that's similar to using a traditional small bathroom in a home.

If Your Event Is During Cold Weather

Some luxury toilets and restroom trailers come with climate control. Climate control may not be that important in the summer, but when it's cold outside, a heated toilet would probably be appreciated. The toilet can be wrapped in an insulated cover so the space heater inside can keep the little room warm when it's in use. If you need to rent portable toilets in the winter, discuss your options with the rental company so you can make the best choice when selecting the toilets for your event.

In addition to choosing the type of portable restrooms you want to rent, you'll need the right number. The rental company can help you calculate this based on the number of people you expect and the length of your event. Once you've chosen the toilets you want, your part of the job is done since the rental company will deliver, set up, clean, restock, and pick up the toilets.