How To Manage Your Portable Toilets During Bad Weather

People rent portable toilets throughout the year when it is wet, rainy, muddy, and even snowy outside. Portable toilet rentals are not limited to just the nice times of the year. If you are renting a portable toilet during the fall or winter months, when the weather outside tends to be a little rougher, you need to manage your portable toilet rental a little differently.

Carefully Choose the Location

In the wintertime, where you put your portable toilet rental really matters. To start with, you want to put your portable toilets on a solid surface. You don't want to put them on dirt that is likely to get muddy and cause the toilet to become unstable. You want to place the portable toilet on a solid surface, such as on the cement or asphalt, to ensure that the toilet stays balanced and that the ground underneath it doesn't shift and move underneath it.

Second, when choosing a location, you want to choose a location that provides some shelter for the toilet. High winds are often a big concern during the winter months as they can cause the toilet to be unstable and can make the toilet really cold for anyone using it. Try to place the toilet somewhere where it is a bit sheltered, like up against the side of a building.

Add Some Accessories

When you rent a portable toilet during the winter months, you should think about adding a few accessories to the bathroom that will make it more accessible for those using the portable toilet. Rent a heated toilet instead of a regular non-heated portable toilet; this will make the toilet more comfortable to use.

You should also see if you can rent some drainage mats for the toilets as well. Drainage mats go on the outside of the toilet and help reduce the amount of mud and water that gets into the actual toilet area.

Keep Up With Cleaning

If you are renting a toilet for a long period of time, you are going to have to make some cleaning adjustments. You should clean the toilet on a regular basis or schedule to have the toilet cleaned by the rental company frequently.

For any long-term rental, you are also going to want to make sure that the rental company adds antifreeze to the toilet and that they come out and pump the toilet on a more frequent basis to prevent the toilet tank from freezing.

When you rent a portable toilet during the winter months, you need to place the unit on a solid surface somewhere where it is protected from the wind. You should see about renting some heated units and adding drainage mats to help keep the space clean. You should also schedule more regular cleanings and pumpings if you are renting for a long period of time. Look for a company like Five Star Septic Service And Portable Toilet Rentals to learn more about renting portable toilets.