4 Indicators Your Sewer Line Can't Wait Anymore It Needs Fixing Now

One of the biggest nightmares you can face as a homeowner is a failed sewer system. Hiring someone to dig up and fix the broken sewer line can be costly. If left unchecked, the damaged sewer can overflow and flood your lawn and basement. Worse still, a neglected sewer failure can lead to sewage backup, jeopardizing the health of your family. It can also cause sewage leaks in your home's foundation, leading to severe mold damage.

The Cost Of Septic Tank Installations Explained

For all their inherent advantages, septic tank systems are well worth the investment. Here's a look at the typical costs you will incur for septic tank installations. Cost of Ground Tests Ground tests are a must before a septic tank is installed. One test you will want done is the percolation test. This is the most crucial of these ground tests, and its purpose is to assess the drainage properties of the soil in proposed installation sites.